8 Best Disc Golf Courses in Texas

Some of the renowned disc golf courses in Texas include:

1. 1776 Park Disc Golf Course

The 1776 DGC Park is basically a wooden park with three holes which is currently characterized by grass tee boxes. Previously though, the holes had concrete tee boxes. People from Texas and beyond, especially the pros gather in this park to exercise for their favorite sport, in weekdays and more so over the weekends and holidays. The administration of this park encourages its visitors to park outside the park’s gate and take a small hike to the first tee. No vehicles are allowed inside the park as a security measure to ensure no customers’ vehicles are hit by the discs or otherwise.

2. Beaver Ranch Disc Golf Course

The Beaver Ranch DGC is based in Colorado, and it is rated the number one in the region and also in the world. The course is situated in the alpine woods with two major courses that wind through tree tunnels and the hill summits. The entire golf course consists of approximately 42 holes. The nature preserve exhibited by this golf course ensures tough training experience to its customers as well as a unique experience that they may never get to enjoy in any other golf course. Three holes are contained in a pond, and the entire course is characterized by a change in elevation levels. Also, there is a lot of wildlife on the course. Adults pay $100 for an initial entry pass which is renewable at $90.

3. Turner Park DGC

The Turner Park is also one of the many best disc golf courses in Texas. It is branded by numerous rolling hills, beautiful vistas, and majestic trees. The entire course consists of 41 holes running through with changing elevations with par ranges from 58 to 62. The park also includes a pavilion, a large gazebo, and a playground. Although playing disc golf at this park is a little bit challenging, it is also fun. It was established in 2009, and its terrain is partly hilly, moderately wooded.

4. Towne Lake Disc Golf Course

Towne Lake DGC is located along 1405 Wilson Creek Parkway. It is an 18-hole course south of Lake Towne, and it is accessible via a pedestrian bridge over the Wilson Creek. The park is very well maintained golf course with an old growth of trees along it. Additionally, there are incredible tee-pads and tee-signs on all of the holes. Its strategic location along the highway places it is a better place to attract as many golfers as possible. The park has no much disturbance from noise; it is very serene and extremely quiet. When you visit the golf course for the first time, you will definitely come back. It is a very enjoyable golf course with exemplary signage and concrete golfing boxes. Besides that, it offers a unique experience of golfing inside a forest.

5. Gabe McGrew Golf

This Golf course is regarded as one of the best disc golf course in Texas due to the variety of golfing activities that it offers as well as the level of expertise offered by the trainer. This facility offers golf lessons to the beginners, reshafting, club fittings, custom club making, and club repair. Most of the people that visit Gabe Golf course attribute its success to excellent customer services. The style presented in the course offers you both golfing satisfaction, and the whole activity seems fun as well. These facts have made sure that first-time clients always come back.

6. Jenkins Park DGC

According to customer feedbacks, Jenkins Park ranks top in overall golfing activities, customer enjoyability, scenery and the availability of secondary amenities. It consists of a mixture of open and lightly wooded holes which are always well maintained, well drained and every single section of the park is playable. The entire course measures 7000 km and is located along Cedar Bayou Road in Texas. The tees are covered with concrete.

7. Selah Ranch

Disc golf is currently one of the fastest growing sports in the world and the need for awesome courses is on the rise. Selah Ranch offers both beginner training and space for expert players. Its two disc golf courses were designed by a widely recognized golf course designer, John Houck. Therefore, the facility is up to standard for the perfect experience. The Ranch is open for all the visitors and also offers reservation for expert players. The cost for a green person is $20 per person with unlimited play time.

8. William Cameron Park

The William Cameron DGC is wooden, rocky with most of the holes in the thicket. This golf course has three elevated tees and eight open field holes. It is located near River Brazos. Its terrain offers its visitors the perfect golfing experience.

Disc golfing is regarded as one of the best ways to spend an afternoon. For the lovers of disc golf, it is not hard to find the best disc golf courses in Texas since it is a relatively common sporting activity. Disc golf is played not so different as compared to the normal golfing.

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