5 Best Disc Golf Courses in Colorado, USA

Here are some of the places where you can enjoy the best disc golf courses in Colorado.

1. Ghost Town Disc Golf Course, Central City

The epic Ghost Town Disc Golf Course in Central City, Colorado is an undeniably the unique place to compete. This course reflects the old historic state based on mining. Most amazing are the low rates offered for teeing here. At a small fee, you can enjoy competing here with your friends. The scenes seem to take you back in time to the previous century when the industrial revolution was at its peak in this region. The first nine holes will take you into the pine forest with rolling aspen trees. This is the place where the course got its name. It is based on these front nine holes. The nine holes represent early 20th Russell Gulch Century mining towns.

2. Shining Mountain Disc Golf Course, Woodland Park

The Shining Mountain Disc Golf Course in Woodland Park was the first of its kind in this part of the country. It is famous for its challenging course. It has, therefore, attracted many professional players and world legends who hope to crack it. It continues to challenge the biggest names in golf. This is, therefore, one of the best disc golf courses in Colorado. The Pikes Peak offers the nearest attraction at the shining mountain. What makes the place famous are the technical holes that compel players to avoid the restricted delineations. This means that golf greens, sand traps, creeks, and ponds, which are out of bounds, make it trickier than it should be.

3. Bucksnort Disc Golf Course, Pine

The Pine Bucksnort Disc Golf Course is the most celebrated Colorado competing spaces. It is set on at least 30 acres of pristine land overlooking the South Platte River Valley. You will be moving around rock outcroppings to play the 28 holes it offers to players. Other abstractions include cliff edges and thickly wooded terrain. You will need to tread carefully to succeed in making reasonable progress. You will be enjoying the scenic view of Mountain Lion. This is also, where holes and seven and eight are located. You should, therefore, focus to avoid losing your disc into the mountain territory. This course requires reservations so make prior arrangements.

4. Lake Dillon Disc Golf Course, Dillon

The Lake Dillon Disc Golf Course is the latest course in the State. It is designed specifically to be challenging to the players. You will be testing the limits of your accuracy and strength. The holes range from 230 to approximately 530 feet in length. You will also enjoy the scenic views of the Lake Dillon as well as the surrounding peaks. It is, however, the vegetation that makes it stands out from the rest as one of the most beautiful places to compete. Here, you will not be getting bored anytime, as the freshening environment is appealing to any visitor and residents alike.

5. Lakewood Dry Gulch Disc Golf Course in Denver

Denver has one of the longest courses that stretch from Sanchez Park in Lakewood to the popular light rail line. It exists in a beautiful region, which combines the hilly terrain and the background design. The area is distinctively appropriate for golfing as it has space for a five0mile urban trek at play. The place, therefore, offers the desirable spot for golf. It has served many people in history already, and you will be in line to enjoy its expansiveness. Beware though, that strong winds may distract you by redirecting your disc into the stream or onto the train track. The Lakewood Dry Gulch Disc Golf course remains among the best disc golf courses in Colorado.


Colorado is the place with the most exciting views and sceneries you will enjoy while competing. Most of the golf courses here are affordable and can be the place to visit with friends. You may spend part of your vacation golfing away at the serene fields if you care enough for the freshness of nature’s vegetation and air. If you are new to Colorado, these places are easily locatable by Google map. They are famous because most of them have the widest stretches recorded around the country. These are only some of the best disc golf courses in Colorado. You can still find quieter places without crowds to allow you to enjoy your alone time or with friends.

Colorado has some of the best aspen forests, bouldering rock faces, and mining areas. It is expansive and unique from most other regions. Most importantly are the large flat open fields available for golf. For example, the Front Range is popular for its spacious green fields where many courses are situated. They also offer great views of the Rocky Mountain Landscape. There are many places to visit and play golf in Colorado that are quiet and free from crowds.

If you appreciate the freshness of the expansive exterior in spacious fields and tourist attractions, you will enjoy your time in Colorado. Being a golfer gives you the advantage because the State is full of high standard options for you. From mountain ranges to lakes, and the Rocky Mountains, Colorado is full of mother nature’s amazing scenery for a background when competing. These places are irresistible and never disappointing.

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