7 Best Disc Golf Courses in California

1. Disc Golf Park Concept

This is a special course used to play golf. More specifically, the Disc golf park is a concept realized in the year 2005 in Finland. Globally, the disc golf park concept is a famous disc golf course. This is proven because of having many installations in different continents and people from all lifestyles frequent the disc golf park.

The main motivation behind this establishment was to hook everyone who can play golf. Professionals, beginners, and other average players are welcome to use this course to play disc golf.

For the sake of those who would like to play golf in California, the following are the best disc golf courses in California.

2. Pebble Beach Golf Packages

This is one of the most popular places in California to play golf globally. It brings to lovers of golf the reminiscing of US opens that have taken place on these golf courses. If you want a golf vacation, this is the place to consider. It is worth your attention and time because of tour player experience with the Poppy Hills, The Links at Spanish Bay, and Pebble Beach Golf Links.

3. Chavez Ridge DGC at Elysian

If you want to go to the best disc golf course in California, try this Chavez Ridge Disc Golf Course at Elysian. It is located in Los Angeles. The exact physical address to this course is 90012 California, USA. The course length of this disc golf club is 4544.

This golf course has fundamental alterations regarding elevation, many pin/tee positions and perfect signage posts for visitors as well as members. This helps them know their way around the course. There is a perfect view of the downtown part of Los Angeles from the Chavez ridge DCG at Elysian.

There is a lot of vegetation that makes the place environmental friendly. This makes this park a family friendly place for a fun day.

4. Oak Grove (Hahamongna Park)

This is another disc golf course in California. It was established in 1975. The Oak Grove disc course is well manicured, and it has an entire course length of 411-8981. It is located in Pasadena, California. The specific physical location for the Oak Grove Drive is 91103, USA. It counts as the first long-lasting pole hole course. There is woodsy foliage, and this makes the place awesome for lovers of nature. If you are a photographer with an eye for great captures, you may also take beautiful photos. The elevation at the Oak Grove park consists of a few low hills. There are 21 holes on this course, and it is a disc catcher type of target. In the oak grove course, you need a wide range of shots.

5. Kenneth Hahn Disc Golf Course

This is not a very popular disc course in California. This is based on the few reviews that previous clients have done. However, the rating is fair considering the number of reviews, and that is was founded in 2017.

The exact geography of the Kenneth Hahn Disc Golf course is 4100 S La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90056. There is a perfect recreational area where there is an upper bowl in the golf course. A walking path strikingly surrounds the huge grassy bowl that features lovely trees and some elevation.

Mike Jewel carefully designed the Kenneth Hahn course. During the weekends, players may come with their cars, but that will attract a fee of six dollars. The type of this course is permanent which means improvements will be an ongoing process. There are nine holes on the Kenneth Hahn disc course.

The elevation in this park is moderate, and the density of the vegetation is low, that is, there are trees of lightwood. For a family with little ones, this is a friendly place to come along with them. They will have places to rest and play games as they wait for you.

Additionally, it will be easy to tell where your kids have gone by glancing once through the trees. The moderate elevation will also ensure that children’s falls are not risky.

6. La Mirada

7. Waller Pines

California is a haven for golf courses, and resorts and anyone who enjoys disc golf would love to frequent these places. They have this magnificent and perfect look because they did not only have super designs but also receive high standards of maintenance. You will find some of the most expansive open fields with fresh, quiet environments. This means you can find the coveted therapy amidst the natural vegetation.

Touring California should not be satisfactory for a golf enthusiast before visiting one of the popular courses. For those who live in California and have never found the time to visit the places because they are busy, plan for it next summer.

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