I Played in a Tournament and Slipped

I had always been a sucker for golf, so you can imagine my excitement when I found about something even better; Disk Golf. Unlike golf which involved hitting the ball with a club, Disk Golf required the use of our legs as a lever, and we throw the disk. It’s been seven years now since Amanda, my current fiancé, introduced it to me and well what can I say, a beautiful girl and a beautiful game.

It was summer and my favorite Golf disc brand, The Universe, were coming to my city to host a 1-day “Freebie tournament” as we all call it, and there was no way I was going to miss that. The tournament was going to be for a few hours, and everyone was free to participate. The tournament was created to ensure everyone could take part, and show their skills in a somewhat competitive environment.

My bag had been fully packed the night before and all I needed to do in the morning was shower, get dressed, and get on the road — okay, I’ll also have to meet up with Sam who called me right as I was about going to bed. He had just got into town and also wanted to see the game.

Sam, please do not delay me!”

I have known Sam for as long as I can remember now, and he has never been punctual. He even sometimes jokes around, saying “I hope won’t be late for my wedding,” and there is a very high probability that he will. So I got to his place an hour earlier just so we won’t be as late, and I spent about 30 minutes at his front door, pressing his doorbell and calling his phone before he eventually answered.

Dude, I swear…!”

I was in the bathroom man,” Sam jumped in before I could finish my statement “The music was loud, so I didn’t hear my phone ringing.”

Well at least he already had his bath, I told myself.

Just come open the door” I responded.

Trust me, we won’t be late,” He said as he came to open the front door for me to come in.

He was staying in a motel just a few miles away from the stadium, and with my calculation, we still had about an hour and thirty minutes to spare.

Surprisingly, Sam was done within 20 minutes, and we were ready to leave.

Why do you seem so excited?” Sam asked a few minutes after we left his place.

C’mon man, this isn’t just a disc golf event on a field or something, it is a tournament in a stadium! Have you ever played in a stadium?”

Well, no.”

Exactly! And we also get to meet a whole lot of disc golfers and share the love of disc golf” I responded with a smile on my face.

I heard Charles Brian would be there though.”

Nah, he canceled last minute.”

I was surprised that Sam knew Brian was coming, it showed how interested he was to see the game, and for the most important part, we weren’t late!

Charles Brian is one of the most popular discs golf player and I never really expected him to come, and I felt like it was just for publicity but still, I wasn’t going there for him.

Wow! The stadium is magnificent!” Sam exclaimed as we drove to the car park right around the corner.

A crowd of players was already present, warming up and I had just a few minutes to do that as the main tournament was starting in about 20 minutes. So I made the best use of my time and did some warm up.

It was my turn to show off my skill and all I had been preparing for. So with a heart filled with confidence, I made my way to the starting point which was towards the top of the stadium, with my disc in hand. I had chosen to come with Fairway Disc Driver which had the best accuracy amongst the other discs I had, and even though this was a fun tournament, I still wanted to win.

As the whistle went off, I made a short run within the few spaces allocated, and I threw the disc with a right-handed back technique, and my disc flew few yards slightly towards the right, as expected, and I felt proud as everyone clapped. Without wasting much time, I swiftly ran down the stairs to where my disc landed, to continue my throw. As I made my way quickly down the stairs, looking at where the target basket was to calculate the next trajectory of my throw, I slipped.

That was it for me. I had fallen on my right arm, and my shoulder had landed right at the tip of the stairs riser. The medical staffs got to me in few minutes, and I was rushed to the hospital for an x-ray.

It isn’t a serious injury though we might need to operate,” the doc said, “But you won’t be throwing any disc for a while.”

It was sad news, but there was nothing I could do. It was a break from disc golf that seemed like an eternity.

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