The Game that Changed My Life for the Better


Sports is something that could make you or break you. Many famous sportsmen are only successful because their love and passion for the game make them give their best. However, have you ever thought that a successful businessman could turn into a sportsman? I know that it sounds surprising, but once you hear out my story, you will understand that sometimes miracles do happen.


Disk Golf, what the hell is this now

Having my sportswear and gadget business was like a dream come true for me. I was successful because people loved the quality of my products. I was attracting some of the top players, and soon players of the NFL teams started to order their sportswear from me because of the amazing products and quality items that I was providing. At that time, I was on my path of becoming a millionaire. I was successful and responsible. I was the only one in my group of 3 friends who were poor and started my business from scratch. Both of my friends Rick and Darke were extremely rich. They were responsible as well and not like the spoiled rich brats that you often come across.

You will be surprised to know that both their fathers appreciated my passion and talent. This is the reason they offered me the job at their firm, but I refused because I was not going to let anything come between our friendship. At my lowest, they were with me, and they supported me to start the business because they believed in my passion and talent. I started my business at the age of 24, and within six years I was a well know sportswear manufacturer in the area. At that time an old school friend of mine named John approached me and told me that he had a sports footwear business and would like to have a partnership with me because we were friends and would do great together.

I was confused, and I asked Rick and Drake that what should I do. They told me that there is nothing wrong with having a partnership, but I have to be extra careful. I took a risk and signed a six years contract with him. However, after that 1st year of doing business together, I noticed that the quality of his footwear was declining. I told him to improve the quality and maintain it because it will affect my business as well. He told me that he is working on something new that would be great for our businesses. I forced him to share his idea with Rick and Drake’s father and if they will approve it only then the idea would be implemented. We went to their house, and after John left, bother uncles told me to beware of this boy because he will bring my business down as well and he is only here for fame and money and not for passion. I took their advice seriously because I was not going to let anyone hurt my business and ordered John to improve the quality otherwise his footwear will not be introduced in the market with my brand’s logo on it. He was not very happy with my decision but did as I told him. After a few weeks, John told me about Disk Golf, and I was confused that what it is all about. I wanted to know about the sport, so I did some of my own research.


Learning the new sport

With the passage of time, I started to take complete control over the business to assure that low-quality item were not be launched I the market. I was waiting for the six years to be over so that I can easily get rid of John and would never make another partnership again. I was working on my business when one morning Rick and Drake surprised me at the office with three tickets to the playing arena. They told me that within 5 hours we would be leaving for the Disk Golf training session and it would be a one week trip. I was excited because next week was my birthday and everything was planned perfectly. While I was packing for everything, John came into my office with some paperwork and told me that he needs my signature on it to assure that he can launch the new product line. I was always careful with the paper and assured to read all the papers properly before signing. I appreciated John because he was working so hard to maintain the quality of the work.

We left for the training session, and I loved Disk Golf. I was the best players in the training session, and even coaches loved my performance. When Rick and Drake told them about my business, they said that when they have a player to play Disk Golf at international level, they will surely hire my services for the team’s clothes. I was surprised and pleased.


The financial issues and everything is lost

On the day of my birthday, we went back to our town and Rick, and Drake took me to our yacht for a small party, and I was happy because their fathers were there as well. Rick and Drake are cousins, and we like to do everything together. However, this yacht was bought by the three of us, but it was on the name of Rick’s business to assure that it will get all types of protection.

We were enjoying when a call came from one of my oldest clients. He told me that the latest shipment of products that I sent was the lowest quality and he did not expect something I this from me. I was confused because I never booked their order. I asked him to come on Skype with me and told him that I never took the order from him. He was shocked and confused because he showed me the order confirmation email and that was sent the day after I went for the Disk Golf training session. I asked him that with whom he places the order because I was out of town. He told me that John took the order and this is what he has delivered. I promised my client that I would send him the finest pieces very soon.

He was very supportive and told me that he has one month and it would be managed perfectly. He also warned me that John is dangerous and I should get rid of him. I had all the proof I needed to finish this partnership because There was a clause in the paperwork that if John would do something that would affect the reputation of business the partnership will be over. The next morning, I went to the office with Drake and what I saw is John was on my seat.

I asked him that what he was doing here and he told me that he has my everything. He even showed me the copy of the paperwork that I signed but when I signed it was something else. From my business to every penny that I owned was his now. I tried to contact a few lawyers but all of my accounts were sealed, and I was brook. Rick and Drake’s father helped me meet their finest lawyer who has been managing the business tasks for a long time. I told him everything that has happened. He studied the case properly and said that everything I owned that was on my name is gone. The only thing that I have been left with is the yacht. He filed the case in the court, but the decision was made in favor of John because he planned everything perfectly. The papers I signed were fake, and he turned them into the documents that he wanted. This was the time that I was brook.


Back to the field with a few friends

Rick and Drake gave me the yacht as a gift and forced me to stay strong because I can do it again. However, it felt that like have nothing left inside of me. The only thing I had was the yacht with no money and some food that Rick and Drake brought for me. I was depressed and just wanted to kill John at that time. Once again at my worst Rick and Drake were by my side. They told me that just like the old time they would help me become successful once again. It was just two years of partnership, and I had lost everything.

On my 33rd birthday, one year after everything happened they took me to the Disk Golf field again as a therapy. I started the small online company of sports clothing wear once again, and it was going good, but it would surely take time to be famous once again. This is the reason I started saving money to assure that I can bring my business back to fame once again. Most of my old clients supported my business and the ordered bulk products that helped me to stand on my feet again. However, back on the Disk Golf field brought the energy back in me. That day I played for at least 6 hours straight because I was taking all the anger out.


A few shots and someone was looking at me

On my last day of our training session, I was playing against Rick and Drake when I notice that someone was watching me play and he was writing everything on a small board that he was holding. After a few minutes, he approached me and introduced himself as the top Disk Golf coach. He told me that he would like to see a few of my more hits and there is no need to get confused. The flight back home for in 10 hours and so I started playing once again. I was having fun, and my friend is the ones whom I should thank for the entire trip once again.


The biggest opportunity I could not ignore

After a few shots, he told me a few tricks and followed the coach’s lead. He was surprised to see that even at the age of 33 I was able to learn so quickly. He told me that I am the best Disk Golf player that he has come across and he would like me to play in the international competition. He told me that my friends were right about me being the best player of the year. I was shocked because they planned everything. He told me that he has been watching me play for the past week and would glad to have me as the international player, I told him about my business, but Rick told me that he would take care of everything and I should try something new for once in my life. I thanked my friends because I wanted some new exposure in my life as well and that is why it took this golden opportunity.

The first competition was with the local players, and the one who wins will play at the national level. I won all the matches with a distinction, and all other players were surprised by my accuracy and perfect hits. The coaches appreciated my skills. After that was the national level, and I had to work hard. I designed my uniform, and my friends helped me out to put it into pieces. The national level all the other players were surprised to see my uniform. Some of them were supportive, and others recognized me as the famous businessman and told me that I should not be here.

I ignited a fire in me, and I became the best national Disk Golf player as well. It was time for the toughest game, the international tournament. I was ready to bring the gold medal home.

From rags to Ralph Lauren it all happened so quickly

I took this as the perfect opportunity to advertise about my new company, and all the international teams were surprised by my hard work and enthusiasm. Most players said that after the game they would surely bring more customers for me and that is how the game started. I was passionate, but the other players were amazing as well because. I was able to get the second positive and win the silver medal for the country. Oh I was happy because everyone was surprised that within two months of training I was able to get the silver medal what would I have done if I and proper training. We came back home with a medal and enough cash to invest in my business.

I started Disk Golf training on a regular basis but at the same time was working on my business. Within 6 months I was a famous business owner and sportsmen. People around the world knew my name. Rick and Drake refused to take the money back they invested in my business. On my 34th Birthday, I was a man in the bar drinking like a depressed person. When I went closer, I saw that it was John. On research, some of the people told me that he reduced the quality of products and within a few years lost everything that he stole from me. I would say that it is better to work hard.

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