I Only Got to the 5th Hole

I spun the disc golf from the tee area of Hole 5, to be honest, I was starting to like the game.

When Sam had suggested that we hit the golf course to practice the game, I had been quite confused, well; I was just a regular golfer, nothing like Tiger Woods or anything; but I was quite good at the game.

“Disc Golf?” the look on my face almost made Sam choke on his morning coffee, “What the hell is that?”

“You haven’t heard of the game, and you’re an avid golfer?” He chortled again at that.

“Not at all Mr. Know-It-All” I replied sarcastically.

“Seriously James? It’s no different from actual golfing, and the only major difference is; you aren’t using a golf stick.”

“It sounds quite boring,” I said less enthused, Disc Golf sounded like a lame name for a sport, Golf was still a better name, at least you could boast about it to the ladies at some fundraiser or something.

“It’s not boring, you’re just not really interested in knowing how it works, but trust me, the moment you know how to play it; you’ll get hooked” Sam replied.

“Hooked…” I grunted doubtfully, “hooked like hooked?”

“Yeah James, exactly what I just said, really you’ll like it” Sam concluded leaning back on the armchair and sipping a cup of coffee.

We were just outside on the porch of his massive mansion in Lippy Estate which was located in the very heart of Houston, Texas.

I poured myself another shot of whiskey and sipped it, savoring the taste, “Tell me how it works, then perhaps we can head out to the course.”

“Actually, have you heard of Frisbee?” Sam asked.

“Sure, that round flat oval stuff that kids catch and throw around, is that what this damned game is about? If that’s actually how it does work, just count me out” I croaked out swallowing down the whiskey.

“Relax James” Sam patted my back, “it doesn’t work like catch and throw. Actually, It is often played on a course of 18 holes. Players complete a hole by throwing a disc from a tee area toward a chain and metal target. Usually, the number of throws a player uses to reach each target are tallied, and players seek to complete each hole, and the course, in the lowest number of total throws” Sam explained.

“Hmmm… Sounds rather interesting, don’t you think it would be wonderful if you just showed me this interesting game?” I asked.

“Of course, follow me” Sam replied, he waved at one of his man-servants who brought the golf cart around, and we hopped on.

Sammy Budson was quite wealthy, and in fact, he owned half of Lippy Estate, which had been bequeathed initially to him by right, the half of the estate had been passed on from one generation to another and Sammy being the last Budson was next line.

His house was almost like some castle carved out of a Disney fairytale, but what I admired most about the entire estate was the large expanse of green land that seemed to stretch on forever.

We soon bypassed our usual golf course and were close to the disc golf course which seemed a little awkward.

I could make outputs which looked like raised basketball nets, I glanced at it curiously and nudged Sammy who only just winked at me.

We soon alighted the cart and started out to the first tee which consisted of nine target holes in all stretched out over the courses.

“So here we are James, ready?” Sam asked grinning.

“Not exactly, so what are we tossing? There are not golf clubs? And I know we most certainly can’t even put anything into those upright holes with a club” I blurted out.

“All we need for this game is… This-” he was by now holding an oval shaped plastic which looked more like a Frisbee.

“So here’s how it works, you’ll stand at this tee position and toss it as far as you can until you can get near hole which will be your landing position, then you can toss again from there” Sam instructed.

I only nodded my head in understanding, but when Sam thrust the disc into my hand, I looked at it morbidly and extended it back to him, “Why don’t you go first?” I suggested.

“Alright then, but that’s starters point for me” he agreed and winked at me before taking his position, he tossed the disc carefully, and I watched it sail forward zipping through the air like some bird and landing very close to the 7th hole.

“Way to go man, but I can’t allow you to sneak one up on me” I gritted my teeth and snatched the disc from him, then I also proceeded to toss it forward from the initial tee position.

I only got as far as the 5th hole, I was starting to enjoy the game, we kept tossing and tossing, but Sam won the first course, so we decided to hit the second course which had wider tee positions and more holes, probably about fourteen in all.

“Damn, you’ve ragged me out!” I protested frowning at Sammy who only took a swig from his thermos flask.

“I thought you loathed the game initially, I see you’re getting into it, told you, you’ll just get hooked” he replied calmly.

“Well I’m hooked alright, but I bet you can’t bet me at golf, how about it? I’ll bet you about a thousand dollars” I coaxed.

“Why not make it about two thousand? At least I’ll know you’re trying to meet my standard” Sam muttered tossing the disc for one last time and this time; he made hit the mark directly.

I just looked on dumbfounded, in the end, we settled that he had thrashed me well for the day.

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